March 6, 2017


Project reports, presentations, and other materials will be available to download here throughout the study.

Technical Work

Draft Recommendations Report
This report summarizes the recommended improvements based on the previous technical work and public feedback. The recommendations include short-term improvement opportunities for ECO Transit service, as well as recommendations for public information, improved fare payment, passenger facilities, and other potential improvements.

Stakeholder Interviews Summary
The study team conducted one-on-one interviews with leaders, community representatives, and others with an interest in transit throughout Eagle County. Results from the interviews are meant to be anonymous, summarizing the points that were frequently discussed or especially important within a community or the county.

March On-board Survey Results
In March 2017, the study team conducted a survey on-board ECO Transit buses to learn about trip and rider characteristics, customer satisfaction, priorities, and support for potential improvements.

ECO Transit Existing Conditions
An overview of how the ECO Transit system functions today, including schedules, route alignments, community and regional connections, and major stops and transfer points. The document also includes an overview of recent performance, a review of ECO Transit’s marketing and public information, and a brief description of available multimodal connections.

Rider and Non-rider Survey Results Summary
In July 2017, ECO Transit repeated the survey conducted in March on-board the buses to capture off-peak season rider and trip characteristics. An online version of the survey was also available, as well as an online survey for those who do not currently ride the bus. We wanted to capture a broad spectrum of opinions and ideas. This report summarizes the winter on-board, off-season on-board, off-season online, and non-rider surveys.

ECO Transit Market Analysis
This report provides a detailed study of the underlying demand for transit in Eagle County based on the existing characteristics of the area. When looking at the market, the primary factors that determine demand include population and employment density; socio-economic characteristics; locations of major employers, activity centers, and points of interest; and travel flows.

Advisory Committee Presentations

Advisory Committee Meeting #1 – May 2017
Advisory Committee Meeting #2 – August 2017
Advisory Committee Meeting #3 – October 2017
Advisory Committee Meeting #4 – February 2018

Community Outreach Materials

February Community Board Presentations
An overview of the study, a summary of the draft recommendations for improving service, and other potential improvements.

October Community Board Presentations
An overview of the study, work completed thus far, findings, and initial ideas for system improvement. The length of the presentation time slots varied by community, so not all communities saw the full presentation.